Experiences of a Third Culture Kid in Thailand

macniak via Deposit Photos

When I was younger, I had the opportunity to travel to different places around the world, and because of my dad’s job, I experienced new countries, cultures, and befriend locals. I’ve lived in several countries; Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, and Canada. Traveling around the world was fun and all, but it made me a third culture kid and honestly, it’s not as glamorous as it sounded! Things got complicated when I returned to Thailand.

What’s a third culture kid? In my definition, a TCK is a child who grew up in a culture (or several) or environment which is not their own and doesn’t possess their own cultural identity. You see, I’m Thai, but I don’t identify as Thai. See why.

I’m a writer, food lover, travel seeker, novice photographer, and videogamer.

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