About Me

Hello! My name is Narisa and this is my website, Nirianne.com

The conception of Nirianne.com came to be when I decided to have something to call my own. For starters, I’m a writer, based in Bangkok. While I’m not working on office projects, I invest my free time to write stories or read through things to gain inspiration as my next source of ideas.

My mind never stays silent for long. Hence, this is one of the reasons why I developed this blog; it’s going to serve as a writing portfolio and a gateway for me to express my inner thoughts and of course, musings.

My passion for writing started off back in 2001. During that year, I wrote my first fanfiction and from then onwards, I developed my own characters and stories.

Fast forwarding to 2017, the process remains the same. It’s a terrifying thought. However, even so, I’ll continue to write as long as I can, because, why not?

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