Narisa Eats: Sorry I’m Hungry Burger Cafe

Yooo! Narisa “Burger Demolisher” Penguin is back to tell you about amazing, top-shape, and super succulent burgers you want to stuff your face into for dayzzz! Today, I’m going to talk about Sorry I’m Hungry Burger Cafe, a restaurant you NEED to go to satiate your appetite for juicy burgers!

I love buns! I mean, I burger buns, of course, and today, I’m introducing you to Sorry I’m Hungry Burger Cafe by BTS Wongwian Yai. I’ve eaten Daniel Thaiger and Chunky23 burgers and I’m adding this one to my food repertoire. The more I know, right?

Sorry I’m Hungry Burger Cafe

You can find the cafe at the exit 4 of BTS Wongwian Yai station. Take the lift or walk down to street level and turn left into Soi Krungthonburi 4. The cafe is a five minute walk from the entrance of the soi. Keep your eyes open for a small, round sign; it’s easily missable. I missed it the first time.

Make a left turn into Soi Krungthonburi 4.
Make a left turn into Soi Krungthonburi 4.

When you’re on the bridge, turn right at the exit, and walk down the steps. You’ll see a hair salon not too far off.

I'm Sorry Burger Cafe
I’m Sorry Burger Cafe

Walk into the soi and keep an eye out for it. This place is also a hostel, perfect for anyone who needs a morning nibble, but too lazy to wander off. I’d do the same, honestly.

Taste Test

Okay, so, I have to come clean with y’all. This isn’t my first time at the burger cafe. In fact, it’s my second time here and needless to say, I have high hopes for their other selection of burgers. I expect the meat patties to burst with a stream of never-ending flavor alongside the melt-in-your mouth cheese plus soft buns, hon.

I arrived at the cafe close to 6 PM and holy shit, it was packed! Super jammed. Funny thing, when I opened the door, all eyes landed on me then followed me as I took my seat. Okay, sure, I wore a baggy t-shirt and shorts. I’m not someone who likes attention and admittedly, the experience was unnerving as hell, but I shrugged it off. I came here to eat, and not get judged.

Okay, so like, what did I order today?

  1. Hungry Extra Cheese Burger
  2. Lychee Soda

Damn straight I did!

Hungry EXTRA CHEESY Burger

Behold! Dun dun dunnnnnnn! LOOK AT IT! LET IT TEASE YOU! Can you smellllllll what the burger cafe is cookin’?!

Hungry Extra Cheesy Burger
Hungry Extra Cheesy Burger

I didn’t have to wait too long for my food considering it was a packed house. It was a little difficult to flag down the waitress, but I didn’t have to wait obscenely long.  Once I told her what I wanted to eat, off she went in to the bowels of the kitchen.

SO. This burger. This burger is called the Hungry EXTRA CHEESY burger. Let me break it down. Between the soft buns lie one thick beef patty topped with melted cheese and mushrooms. (Granted, there might be ketchup in there for all I know, but I don’t remember. Oops). The beef patty oozes out juices you can see and prominently taste. Let’s see… How could I describe it to you? Hm. It makes your tongue dance and with every juicy contact. You’ll reel from a spectrum of flavor you never knew you needed in your life. You won’t be able to stop at one bite. If you’ve had crappy burgers before, this one will send you to heaven. It’s THAT good.  Was it as good at Daniel Thaiger or Chunky23? Yes! But in its own way 😉

The added cheese and mushrooms make an interesting texture profile, but none too icky. The cheese, as I was reminded, was aromatic and overall, pleasant to stuff my face into it. You can pull apart the cheese with your teeth and it’ll make a long cheesy string. You’d look silly AF, but if it’s worth a selfie, go for it.

And with every platter, there’s a side of fries. The fries weren’t oily, which was a good thing. Sure, they’re a little salty, but hey, if you could deal with that, it’s ever better!

Lychee Soda

Along with delicious burgers served at Sorry, I’m Hungry Burger Cafe, the restaurant sells drinks too, obviously. I ordered lychee soda, one of my favorite soda drinks on the planet! Overall, the soda was fizzy and not too sweet. Mind you, if you’ve never drank soda before, so make sure to stir it! The stirring kicks the syrup at the bottom and allows the mixture to blend together well for maximum enjoyment. Or if you’re the hardcore type, don’t stir; just drink. Good enough. Ah, good times well spent!

Lychee Soda
Lychee Soda

Wrapping Up

Sorry I’m Hungry Burger Cafe continues to not disappoint! I cannot tell you how many times I want to try and eat their other burgers in one sitting! The burgers are fantastic, downright delicious, and hella affordable.  Sure, you might need to fight the crowds to get a table or wave your hand maniacally to flag down a waitress, but trust me; it’s SUPER worth it. Right now, I’m thinking of what my next bite will be. I might just be loco enough to order their signature charcoal burger!

Need a map to get here? Look below. You can’t get lost!

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