Like Dark Souls? You Might Like Blasphemous Coz I Sure Do!

Blasphemous Game

Holy. Shit. Have you heard of this game before?! I just heard about Blasphemous and oh god, I’m stoked! Also, this post may contain animations (blood,  violence, etc) that may make you squirm. If you HATE blood and excessive amounts of violence, don’t click on this post!

(Or if you’re a sadistic person like me, venture onwards!)

I didn’t know about this game until Kotaku covered it. For one, I’m not one who plays action-platformer games since it’s just not my thing. My thing is action or RPG games and the occasional platformer. But, my interest piqued at the game’s religious, cult-centric, dark theme with a Dark Souls-esque vibe. And oh my god, the monster designs are downright disturbing; me likey.


Blasphemous Gameplay

This non-linear game gives you the flexibility to explore this hellish landscape named Orthodoxia. It’s filled with fearsome and grotesque monsters on the prowl. Players can hack-n-slash their way across crafted terrains littered with holes and nasty traps. According to the game’s website, each stage in the game tell players a story, for those who are interested in it.

Let’s just hope the game isn’t too dark to see where you’re going.

Boss Fights

Like Dark Souls, Blasphemous will not shy away from pushing the player’s limits. The game boasts monstrous and epic boss battles. From previews, players face with a giant baby and a tree-like beast with a goat head. Seriously. That baby boss is terrifying.

Blasphemous Boss Fights


Blasphemous is expected to launch on Windows, Mac, Linux, along with console versions; PS4, XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch.

I Want to Contribute!

Of course you do. Blasphemous is on Kickstarter and YOU can help make this game a reality. Right now, the game is close to its $100,000 milestone. Clearly, a lot of folks are excited! And and so am I! I’m very interested how this game will turn out and if it exceeds all expectations.

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